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Upload Your CV

Speed up your resume building experience by uploading your current CV (don't worry, after this you won't ever need to upload your CV again!).

When you create your LiveHire profile, you'll be prompted to upload your CV. For the best results, upload your CV in Word or PDF format. Didn't upload your CV during the original sign-up? Simply follow these steps!

How to Upload Your CV:

1. From the dashboard, navigate to the section that says Resume

2. Drag and drop file anywhere into the Resume box, or click Choose File to upload your CV


That's it! If you ever want to download your original CV, just click on the name of it to download. To delete a CV, click the x at the right hand side. 


If you want to upload a new CV, just delete the old one and upload a new one following the above steps. 

Saving Requirements:

  • Size: less than 3 MB
  • Best format: Word or PDF

Not working? Send us an email with your details and CV at