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Achieving 100% CV Completion

Want to rank higher when companies are searching for talent like you? The best way to get noticed is by getting your CV to 100% completion!

How to Get your CV to 100%

1. Login to your LiveHire Profile.

2. Upload your CV

    • Don't have a CV? That's okay! Skip to step 3.

3. Add your Profile Title.

4. Add your personalized CV Message

5. Add any additional Work Experience.

    • If you uploaded a CV, look over your  Work Experience listings to ensure the information populated properly

6. Review your work places in an anonymous review after completing your each work experience listing.

7. Add your Education Summary.

8. List your  Education & Qualifications and upload any supporting documents.

9. Add all your IT Skills

10. Add your Profile Picture.

Congratulations! You've reached 100% competition on your LiveHire Profile. Your online CV will now rank higher in searches by companies - awesome!