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Add or Change Work Availability

Willing to move anywhere for work? Looking for a job immediately? In a few months? There's an option for that!

LiveHire is designed to include a work availability option for everyone – from those who are currently employed, but open to offers to those who are searching for immediate employment.

Change Your Work Availability:

1. Open  My Availability on your LiveHire Profile.
2. Edit the following sections as required:

      • *Job Searching Status: When are you looking to start a new job?
        • Available Now, Available Soon, Open to Offers, or Not Looking.
      • *Notice Period: How much notice do you have to give to your current work before starting a new job?
        • Now, 1 Week, 2 Weeks, 4 Weeks, 8 Weeks, or 12+ Weeks.
        • Know the exact date you'll be available? Select Exact date of availability>
      • *Work Type: What type of work hours are you looking for?
        • Any Employment, Full Time-Perm, Part-Time Perm, Casual, or Contract.
      • *Preferred Working Days: What days would you prefer to work?
        • Weekdays, Weekends, or Flexible
      • *Desired Salary or Rate (including Super): What salary are you looking for based on your experience and skills?
      • *Location type:
        • Any, Local Commute, FIFO/DIDO(Fly in, Fly out/Drive in, Drive out), International, or Work from Hme.
      • *Relocation: Are you willing to relocate to another area, city, even country for work?
        • Possible, Yes, or No
      • *Where are you happy to work: Willing to commute to more than one location? Specify it here! 

*Required to save

3. Click Update my Market Availability or Enter the Market.

Awesome! You're now in the Live Market and have a searchable resume for seeking companies!