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Add or Change Work Experience

In the employment industry, it's important to have an up-to-date resume! Make sure your LiveHire Profile is complete by adding all your new qualifications - whether it's paid work or volunteer experiences. Adding new work experiences or changing work listings has never been easier!

How to Add New Work Experience:

1. Open  Web Resume on Your LiveHire Profile. 

2. Navigate to  Work History.

3. Click  Add New Work Experience.

4. Fill out the following information:

  • *Company: The name of the company you held the role at
    • Optional: Hide this company on my Public CV
    • Optional: Business Division, Unit, or Site: Specify any additional details about the department or location of the company
  • *Role Title: Your previous or current role at the company
  • *Time Period: The time you worked in the position
    • If you worked in more than one position it is advised that you create separate work entries
  • *Location: Select the location where you worked for the company
  • *Specialties: Add up to five of your specialties in that role
  • *Profession: Add your profession within the company
  • *Industry: Add the industry that the company falls within
  • *Responsibilities: Add at least one responsibility from your job position
  • Optional: Achievements: State your key accomplishments

5. Click Save.

*Required to save

Don't forget to anonymously rate your previous work places to achieve 100% resume completion!

Made a mistake? Simply click the  icon or remove the listing completely with the  icon.