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Add or Change IT Skills

Are you a master at Photoshop? A skilled PowerPoint maker? Or a Windows guru? We live in a technology-based world and IT skills are becoming more and more useful in every job; from cashiers to web developers. Whether you're an expert IT worker or just learning the skill, we want employers to know! 

How to Add IT Skills:

1. Open your  Web Resume on your LiveHire Profile.

2.Navigate to the  IT Skills section.

3.Click Add your first software skill..., Add your first system skill... or Add your first coding skill...

4. Add your skills to the Software Skills, System Skills, and Coding Skills sections

  • Tip: Click in the text box to take a look through the pre-populated skills for suggestions on skills you may have forgotten to add.

5. Click Save.

Made a mistake? Click the  icon to edit your skills list.