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Add or Change IT Skills

Are you a master at Photoshop? A skilled PowerPoint maker? Or a Windows guru? We live in a technology-based world and IT skills are becoming more and more useful in every job; from cashiers to web developers. Whether you're an expert IT worker or just learning the skill, we want employers to know! 

How to Add IT Skills:

1. Go to the Profile tab on the left hand side of your dashboard.

2. Navigate to the  IT Skills section.

3. Click Add a software skill..., Add a system skill... or Add a coding skill...

4. Add your skills to the Software Skills, System Skills, and Coding Skills sections

  • Tip: Click in the text box to take a look through the pre-populated skills for suggestions on skills you may have forgotten to add.

5. Click Save.

Made a mistake? Click edit to edit your skills list.